Beverage modulation and bar service
主讲老师: 殷开明
学习费用: 免费
Objectives of professional knowledge:
1. Master the definition, structure and type of cocktails
2. Be familiar with the basic knowledge of foreign wine culture and domestic wine culture
3. Master the techniques and methods of mixing wine.   
Vocational ability objectives:
1. Use the knowledge of cocktail to judge the type of cocktail.   
2. Inherit wine culture knowledge   
3. Be proficient in mixing common cocktails.  
Professional quality objectives:   
 To cultivate learners' interest in wine culture and wine mixing, and lay a foundation for the cultivation of wine mixing technology experts and wine culture inheritors.

       《Beverage modulation and bar service》 is an important professional core skill course. Through learning, (1) improve the learners' wine culture literacy; (2) transport talents for the local modern service industry; (3) train liquor sales talents; (4) train bartenders; (5) train front-line staff engaged in bar work.
1. The Cognition of cocktail and bartender 免费
1.1. The definition, type and structure of cocktails 免费
2. Bartending tools, measurement and methods 免费
2.1. Identification of Bartending Tools 免费
2.2. Bartending Measurement and training of Bartending methods 免费
3. Carrying cup and decoration of Bartending 免费
3.1. dentification of bartending glasses 免费
3.2. Selection and manufacture of ornaments 免费
4. The Cognition of the main ingredients of Bartending 免费
4.1. The Cognition of Gin 免费
4.2. The Cognition of Tequila 免费
4.3. The Cognition of Vodka 免费
4.4. The Cognition of RUM 免费
4.5. The Cognition of Whisky 免费
4.6. The Cognition of Brandy 免费
4.7. The Cognition of Chinese liquor 免费
4.8. The Cognition of Wine 免费
4.9. The Cognition of Beer 免费
5. The Cognition of the auxiliary materials of Bartending 免费
5.1. The Cognition of Liqueur 免费
5.2. The Cognition of Aperitif 免费
5.3. The Cognition of Dessert Wine 免费
5.4. The Cognition of Soft drinks and ingredients 免费
6. The modulation of Cocktail 免费
6.1. Modulation Procedures and Principles of Cocktail 免费
6.2. Cocktail modulation skills 免费
6.3. The train of Cocktail modulation 免费
6.3.1. the modulation of Bacardi cocktails 免费
6.3.2. the modulation of the sidecar cocktail 免费
6.3.3. the modulation of the Daiquiri cocktail 免费
6.3.4. the modulation of dry Martini cocktail 免费
6.3.5. the modulation of black Russian cocktail 免费
6.3.6. the modulation of the Pink Lady cocktail 免费
6.3.7. the modulation of the screwdriver cocktail 免费
6.3.8. the modulation of Margaret cocktail 免费
6.3.9. the modulation of Manhattan cocktail 免费
6.3.10. the modulation of the grasshopper cocktail 免费
6.3.11. the modulation of Tequila Sunrise Cocktail 免费
6.3.12. the modulation of whiskey sour cocktail 免费
6.3.13. the modulation of Singapore's commander cocktail 免费
6.3.14. the modulation of Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail 免费
6.3.15. the modulation of Cuba Libre cocktail 免费
6.3.16. flair bartending —— 1 Bottle 免费
6.3.17. flair bartending ——1 Bottle of 1Tin 免费
6.3.18. flair bartending ——2 bottles 免费
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